Taking your XP ORX to the next level

I know we keep talking about XP products but as a metal detector manufacturer they still appear to be keeping everyone’s interests alive.
In this article the ORX metal detector shines again, showing off it’s abilities and the willingness to please.

Gary Blackwell using the the XP ORX in the field

As like most #XPORX owners my first port of call is always the Coin Fast or Coin Deep modes, a simple switch on and go is very often all that is required for an entertaining days metal detecting.
Some owners have been reporting on the XP ORX Facebook group that the ORX Gold programs are producing some nice finds including several ancient Gold coins.

Does the Gold program need any changes for inland use?

Yes, but they are simple changes so don’t be alarmed.
Switch on and select either Gold program 1 or Gold program 2
All you need to change is :

XP ORX reactivity setting

Reactivity, 2.5 or 3 if you are searching around Iron or several targets close together.

XP ORX Disc IAR setting

Disc IAR, turn that to maximum of 5.
Threshold, just so you can hear a slight hum in the background.(If you see no threshold option, you are not in the Gold programs) Coin fast or Coin deep have no threshold option.

Ground Balance

Find a clean piece of ground, raise and lower the coil, when you see a number generated on the right, press the pin point button once to grab the ground.
If the left and right numbers correspond, you have a correct ground balance.

XP ORX ground reading
XP ORX manual gound balance setting

If you dont see any numbers on the right, this will be because there is very low ground mineralisation, the cure is simple, just manualy set the GB to 88 – 90.

Here is Gary’s recent video on how to use the XP ORX Gold program in the field.


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