XP metal detector backpack review

I’ve seen the comments on social media saying £150 is far to expensive for a Deus backpack, many will choose a cheaper metal detector rucksack, as with everything quality comes at a premium.
Having used this backpack for a while I can honestly say YES it is worth the money and YES there are simlar items on the market at a cheaper price, but they are made to a price and not a standard.
Let’s stay focused here, the #xpbackpack is designed to carry your XP Deus or XP ORX plus your kit and extra coils.
Will it accomodate a Garrett or a Minelab Equinox “possibly not” because in transpotation terms they are poorly designed cumbersome lumps.
Rather than ramble on about how many pockets it has and how lush it is.
I suggest you watch the fantastic video from the prospektor channel at the bottom of this post, it pretty much says it all.
XP backpack has 5 stars from MDM
XP Backpack new for 2020 review



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