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Is it worth the price tag of 179 Euro’s (£149.95) including the optional metal detecting finds pouch, lets see !

The XP back pack and finds pouch combo retails at £170.00

26th February 2020
XP Metal Detectors are proud to announce the launch of their new XP BACKPACK 280.
This product combines comfort and functionality.
Although this style of product is very often an essential part of the detectorists kit, to date no other metal detector manufacturer has developed a backpack to our standards. XP Metal Detectors are always looking for new design challenges, so they took on the task and are now offering the first backpack specifically manufactured for XP users, from beginners to seasoned prospectors.

The XP backpack has secure and comfortable straps for long metal detecting trips

Comfort and sturdiness:
Composed of ultra-resistant materials (polyester 600D and 1000D), commonly found in high-end trekking backpacks, the XP BACKPACK 280 is robust and suitable for outdoor use whatever the weather conditions, thanks to its rain cover.
XP head designers wanted to go a little further and combine sturdiness with comfort. In addition to its back padding and large padded shoulder straps, it also has 9 adjustment straps distributed over 5 different zones, allowing a simple and personalised adjustment. The quilted belt ensures stabilisation and even load transfer across the hips. All this, combined with the breathable back ventilation system, maximizes mobility and reduces fatigue during long detecting sessions.
Functionality and versatility:
By designing this product, XP Metal Detectors wanted to allow their community to be able to safely transport all their necessary equipment in only one backpack. Its multiple dedicated pockets and compartments allow optimal organisation of equipment. Two large compartments accommodate the main elements of the detector, such as coils and lower stems, the other compartment for stems and digging tool.

the XP backpack fits your metal detector and all your kit

There are no less than 10 pockets added to these compartments in order to provide space for specific items. There are pockets for pin pointer storage, accessories, headphones, personal belongings, plus many others. One thing is for sure, there is no shortage of space using the XP BACKPACK 280.

Equipment storage
Doubts about where to store your equipment? Do not worry, XP have found the solution!
Location icons have been integrated into the backpack. The correct storage zones are visible on the pocket opening strips and inside the main compartments.
But there’s even more! you can further customise your own backpack by adding a wide range of XP or aftermarket accessories thanks to the MOLLE® (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) attachment systems. This universal system, widely used by NATO forces, allows the attachment of various accessories via horizontal bands sewn into flat loops. Finds pouch, remote control cover, pinpointer holster, are just a few suggestions. There are so many objects that you can fasten to your backpack and keep them within easy to reach whilst out detecting.
The XP BACKPACK 280 is as user friendly as it can be. Once equipped and properly adjusted, it will be one of those products that you will find indispensable.

Metal detecting pin point probe attachment for the XP pouch

General overview:
This accessory is the perfect addition to the XP BACKPACK 280, and ideal for storing and protecting your finds. It can be fastened to the backpack with the MOLLE® attachment system or on the waist with its adjustable strap. Easily washable, it also has multiple storage compartments and a water drainage system for underwater use or wet weather.

Quality and comfort

Backpack specifications:
Prices and sales information:
The XP BACKPACK 280 is sold at the suggested retail price of €159 (VAT included) or accompanied by the finds pouch for €179 (VAT included). The XP FINDS POUCH is available at a price of €24.95 (VAT included).
Is this product worth the money – YOU BET ! the XP metal detector backpack gets a 5 stars from metal detecting media.


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