Water metal detecting

metal detecting in freshwater lakes can produce some Gold rings
Jim Kochevar XP water hunting specialist

Metal detecting is a popular outdoor hobby enjoyed by many all over the world, those interested in starting the hobby may think of treasure hunting as individuals in a field digging in the dirt for ancient coins and artefacts.
They may not even know about the great treasures hidden beneath the water, sometimes only a few inches deep.
There is not just one type of metal detector, some are specialist machines that are made for a specific job. Many top end detectors cover a wide range of applications and these are the professional’s choice.

Al and Jim very often search freezing lakes with their specially adapted XP machines

You may be thinking why does the title of this blog say, water metal detecting, well that’s because I have been watching some guys from Minnesota who have water metal detecting down to a fine art, and when someone does their job well it’s a pleasure to watch.
Not only do Al and Jim detect for pleasure, but they try to return many of the finds back to the original owners.

Al Carpenter showing how easy an XP ORX can find a Gold ring


Take a look at some of the Minnesota Beach boy’s videos and why not subscribe to the XP Team USA You Tube Channel as these guys are fantastic entertainment.

Al and Jim find some amazing finds and return them to the owners.

What equipment do you need to start water metal detecting?
The first thing is a metal detector, as you can see a popular choice is the XP Deus and the XP ORX fitted with the optional antenna kit.
The XP range is the only wireless detector on the market, being wireless has it’s draw backs because the signal from the search coil will not travel through water to the control box and headphones, This is why an antenna system is used for underwater work.
More XP ORX information can be found here – ORX expert settings

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You will also need a sand scoop rather than a spade, the scoop has a perforated shell that lets the sand easily escape while keeping hold of the desired targets.
A wet suit can be very important if you intend spending time in the cold water.

Al and Jim talk you through their metal detecting equipment.


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