Metal detectorist get time behind bars

Another kick in the balls for metal detecting detectorists were sent to jail for theft of a Viking treasure.
George Powell, 38, and Layton Davies, 51, failed to tell the UK authorities they had found coins and jewellery worth over 3 million pounds

They came across the historic items while digging up Herefordshire farmland which did not belong to them on June 2, 2015.
Their plan was to sell the treasure off bit by bit, but bragging on social media bit them on the arse and it wasn’t long before the authorities got a call and arranged a visit.
It all fell apart when the police discovered photographs of the haul on Davies’ phone.
Police traced several coins that had been sold on to private collectors, hidden away or left with expert valuers.
The coinage recovered to date and now held at the British Museum returned a valuation of at least £581,000.
They were convicted of theft and concealing their find, with Powell, 38, jailed for 10 years and Layton, 51, for eight-and-a-half.
Coin seller Simon Wicks, 56, was also convicted on the concealment charge and jailed for five years.A fourth defendant, Paul Wells, 60, also convicted of concealing the find – who became unwell during Thursday’s hearing – will be sentenced on 23 December.


  1. I have no sympathy with thieves.
    Especially when they bring our hobby into disrepute.
    Lets hope that it makes others stop and think, before possibly bringing further restrictions to our hobby.
    Happy Hunting.


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