Treasure hunting with the experts

Fellow metal detector users very often ask what is the best search coil to buy for the XP Deus.
In may respects XP have not made things easy for their customers by offering such a wide choice for the XP Deus and the XP ORX, 5 metal detector coils in total, 3 – X35 coils plus 2 –  HF coils (Round and Elliptical).
Understanding what each coil offers in the field is a big advantage.


Paul had exactly the same dilema, he had been using the X35 coil for some time, but the HF round coil was always in the back of his mind.
His land is very productive and the higher frequencies offered the potential to locate some of the small ancient coins.
Paul made the decission and purchased an XP round High Frequency coil and invited his friend Gary down to the west country for a days detecting and to put the world to rights.

A guide to metal detecting Archaeology and the law

The day started off well with a deep Jetton coin, located at around 11″ deep with a sweet signal.
Then soon after a Roman coin was found, a casket key, then a very small Silver Hammered coin.
Paul had no regrets about buying this coil, he said it would compliment the X35 coil and is simply a part of his metal detecting kit.

he showed some of his finds and talked in depth about the hobby.
Having watched the video Paul made an interesting comment, saying he regularly uses other brands of metal detectors, including multifrequency machines.
Which he strongly believes is a good thing, he went on to say using other machines makes you respect your XP metal detector that little bit more.
Here is the video of the day.


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