Treasure hunters or glory hunters – You decide

As a metal detector enthusiast there is something I’m finding increasingly frustrating and thats gotta be the same folks popping up every week on social media with treasure.
Hook up with some of the big Facebook groups, you will see the same names on a Sunday evening showing a picture of a hand in which is an awsome discovery touting the words “Just up” or ” I did it again” spamming the same groups eagerly waiting for the same people to pat them on the back as the previous week.
Treasure hunting or Glory hunting, I guess now you can see where this post is going, so lord have mercy on our souls.
Sure it’s great to see someone making a nice find, a nice find to a new detector user could be something simple like a modern coin or a nice Half Dollar, in turn it is polite to congratulate and encourage them, but will they share their find when all the other posters are showing dream treasures, absolutely not! and this is contributing to whats killing the social side of social media.
A bunch of lookers but not so many posters.

A message to the glory hunters out there, why not elaborate a little more, such as a short story about your day of something people can read, a hand with a coin has no meat on the bone in terms of social skills.
Perhaps one thing we need to take into consideration is the glory hunters motives, are they expecting free gifts from a manufacturer, are they working for a dealer or do they just want to be king pin of the detecting fraternity. Either way there has to be some underlying mental issues with some folk. I guess deep down we all want to be loved.
The same applies to Youtube stars who appear to hunt in the grounds of a museum, are they digging pre buried finds? the new modern world we live in has bred “Zombie click chasers” focused on massaging ego’s, maybe keeping their sponsors happy, come on guys put your big testicles back in their rightful place, this is not real hunting, and my appologies to the genuine people who are in it for the love of the hobby.
The grass is always greener
A friend of mine paid a lot of money to visit the UK after seeing the treasures that were jumping out of the ground on social media, he returned back to Michigan with a handful of buttons and $2000 lighter.

Thanks for listening guys Larry Case Sr


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