Staffordshire hoard Saxon Gold

The Staffordshire hoard of Anglo Saxon artefacts from 650 AD sold for £3.285 million and is now recognised as “one of the countries greatest finds”

Stories out there claim the finder Terry Herbert found it using a £2 metal detector from a car boot sale.

Terry Herbert with his Whites metal detector

It was actually a Whites XLT costing a lot more.

When released the Whites XLT was way ahead of it’s time, the computerised display and menu was something detectorists had never seen.

It went on to be one of the all time best metal detectors.

The reward was split 50/50 between the finder and the Lichfield of farmer Fred Johnson.

Researchers believe the items are a “war hoard” captured in battle by armies from the kingdom of Mercia from neighbouring Northumbria and East Anglia.


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