Roman evidence found in the USA

Did the Romans settle in the USA, if so this will re write the history books.
Back in 2016 a guy called Scott Clark wrote a fascinating article about Roman coins and artefacts that had been found in Kentucky, America.

Here is the link to the article courtesy of the metal detecting journal

Roman artefacts found in America

The Roman hoard was found on private property in Kentucky and consisted of :
23 gold “soldi” and 9,432 silver “millarenses” coins, 21 elaborate silver spoons, 97 bronze coins, 29 items of jewelry, 4 silver bowls, a silver vase, and a collection of ivory carvings. The finds also include 46 flint spear points, including several wrapped with silver thread and four stone effigy pipes consistent with the Woodland period in Kentucky.
Having read through the article wide eyed and in amazment I looked at the top of the page – April the 1st.
Got me !


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