Minelab Vanquish metal detector Hoax

Or is it true.
Minelab have announced their new metal detector to the trade in Sardinai, but people are sworn to secrecy, come on guys that’s the oldest trick in the book, if you want the whispers tell people it’s a secret, this is going around to generate pre-sales hype.

All we know is the Minelab Vanquish is aimed at the low end Garrett market which Garrett have dominated for years with the cheap and cheerful Ace range.
A waterproof, multi-frequency budget machine appearing on the circuit, I can see some bum cheeks clenching in he Garret camp.
Will Minelab have some competition in this market, ? yes they sure will with the Makro/Nokta Simplex which is due to be released at Detectival 2019.

Minelab will need to market this new machine with caution. As we all know the Equinox seriously impacted the sales of their flagship machine the Minelab CTX 3030, so they dont want the Vanquish to impact on Equinox sales.
We are led to believe that Minelab will also release their new machine at Detectival 2019, perhaps there will be something from XP also.

Minelab promo video, some interesting comments have been made.


  1. You better hurry with releasing the Vanquish or the Simplex will take all you’re buyers from you. And thats the truth!!!

  2. Equinox comparing with ctx 3030? This is people that do not understand the power of ctx 3030. Minelab known what they are doing.


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