Digging iron with a metal detector

When your metal detector registers a good target, then you dig it to find it’s not treasure but Iron, what do you do ?
Do you beat yourself up about it, like so many metal detector users out there, or do you just say oh well thats just the way it is.
Or are you like me and want to know why that target sounded like a Gold Coin, why did the detector fool me.
There are lots of reasons a detector sees iron targets as good targets, if you are digging nails, them something is wrong with your machine or it’s settings.
If you are digging odd shaped iron, or round iron, then it is understandable as these particular targets catch most machines out.
With a little patience and skill you can soon become confident with your metal detector, but don’t be complacent or over confident as many iron items will be treasure.

Looking back over time, so many important coin hoards have been found by people new to the metal detecting hobby, and this is largley down to the fact that they investigate more suspicious targets than the seasoned detectorist, because they are perhaps a little over confident.

Some coin hoards can sound like Iron to a metal detector

Target identification
Loud targets which have a tonal change can very often be iron, lifting your search coil a foot or so above the ground can sometimes be a good indication if it is still giving a strong signal. Coins will very often quickly cuy away after  e few inches of lift.
Sometimes using the pin point feature can also give you a good indication of target size.
There is lots of metal detecting and iron top tips in this video, lovely dog also….Enjoy


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