Metal detecting event | Rare Gold and silver coins found in Buckinghamshire

Metal detector users at the 2019 spring Detectival found themselves witnessing a 14th Century hoard of more than 550 Gold and Silver coins being unearthed. Well in fact people are talking about it being 2 separate hoards as the dates of the Gold and Silver coins are over 150 years apart.

This event was organised by the Metal detectives group and sponsored by Leisure Promotions who specialise in metal detector sales.
At this point it is unclear who exactly owns the hoard as there were several people involved with it’s discovery, at the moment it is being evaluated and recorded at the British Museum.

The price of this #metaldetector #treasure find now known as the Hambleden Hoard is estimated to be worth in the excess of £150,000, A little optimistic I think, looking at the coins I would say the final price would possibly be a conservative £60,000.


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