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MDM forum rules

Post by MDM » Fri Aug 02, 2019 4:15 pm

We would like to see members contribute on a regular basis and become a part of our community, please do your best even if it's to welcome new members, we understand that not everyone has a wealth of detecting experience, but the forum needs contributions to survive, so please try to do your bit.
Selling Metal Detectors
If you only advertise metal detectors for sale and do not actively contribute to the forum, this will be deemed as using the forum PM sysyem a business, your account will be deleted.
Selling one machine per month is permitted if there are different circumstances and you need to sell more please contact admin. You can sell up to 5 accessories per month providing they are not all exactly the same item.

Machine bashing
We do not want machine bashing on the forum, please be respectful and try to remember not every machine will suit everyone.

If someone wishes to tell us about a good product that is fine, however, we will not accept blatant advertising in posts such as links to boost your own website or advertising on profile signatures, we need to keep a level playing field so it's fair for everyone. If you regularly contribute to the forum you are welcome to advertise your company or website in our dedicated section.

Forum Etiquette
The forum is not the same as Facebook and we do not want it to be, a forum should be a group of friends who are respectful to each other.
Please keep your answers and posts civil, remember block capitals could be interpreted as shouting, so please be courteous.
Please don't leave new posters with no replies, always welcome them to the forum.
If you disagree with something, please answer in a respectful manner, aggressive posts will not be tolerated.

Posting on other forums
It is against our forum rules to copy and paste items from this forum onto other forums unless you have permission from the moderators, your account will be deleted.

Thanks and please enjoy our forum

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