Isolation thoughts for detectorists

Working from home in the XP nerve center

This article is just a light hearted jibba jabba about self-isolation and some moves I will be taking to break the Covid-19 monotony now the UK is on a 3 week lockdown. I consider myself as very fortunate as I work from home, the weekends are a different story, especially if we cant get out metal detecting.
My survival plans started about 3 weeks ago when I had the telephone call from a friend quite high up in a certain service saying “Panic buy” before it gets bad. So Lyn and myself rushed out to the cash and carry only to return home with crispy cream doughnuts and a quantity of Ben and Jerrys.
Disappointed with the lack of seriousness taken, the next day when the wife was at work I went out and had a half-hearted stock up, spaghetti hoops, pasta, and so on. She arrived home and roared with laughter the key comment was about the spaghetti saying why did you not get alphabet spaghetti, at least you could have practiced your spelling !!!…. Duly Noted…
I didn’t have the nerve to tell her about the new incinerator hidden in the shed …panic or thinking ahead…you tell me!  what do we do if the bin men stop work?

So here I am sitting in my office, with spaghetti down my shirt looking at my kit thinking how to keep busy during the weekends, here are my plans so far.

To be more precise, gadget housekeeping, just think of all those items you have with rechargeable batteries, dig them out and give them a charge, detectors, cameras, 2-way radios, torches, the list goes on.

can you see my emergency sedation kit

While we are talking about batteries, have a good look around for things that you don’t use often and make sure you remove the batteries, if a 50 pence battery leaks it can ruin an item worth hundreds of pounds, take it from me I’ve done it with a collectable Tesoro Gold Sabre, and in recent weeks the flashgun for my camera.

My ruined flashgun due to leaking batteries

I purchased these Ans-mann batteries in bulk and they have all leaked, even in the unopened pack, I should have known better !

Ansmann batteries….avoid

Let’s not forget about other batteries, what about the TV remote control, keep a couple of spares, if the TV goes down you will have the family to deal with….Be safe out there guys !
I will be giving my detecting gear a good check over, making a note of all the serial numbers and photograph them, just in case they get stolen. Insurance companies these days make you jump through hoops if you need to make a claim, be one step ahead, rather than one step behind if it all goes wrong.

XP search coil serial numbers

As you can see by the picture I have written the coil serial numbers on the bottom of the coils, it’s just another form of housekeeping. If your coil /detector gets stolen they may remove the sticker, but how many people think to remove the coil cover to check……..I guess quite a few now after reading this article
Clear out the clutter
My plan is to have a good sort out, and make a selection of items I don’t use, give them a good clean up and put it all up for sale after this lockdown is over.
Will engaging on social media be a good idea
To be honest Facebook is not my favourite place to hang out, many ask why I have no friends on my profile. There is a good reason for this, I have never felt the desire to collect virtual friends, not even my real friends are on my profile, but they know me and understand I dont want to play friend top trumps.
What’s that old saying that most people have lots of acquaintances but can count their real friends on one hand, perhaps I’m old school or getting grumpy in my old age but I really don’t want strangers poking around in my families business.
Here is a pearl of wisdom my grandfather once gave me.
“Imagine you are in the trenches during a WWI battle, would you want that person alongside you.
If you are thinking – I would shoot that person myself and face the enemy alone, they are probably just a passing acquaintance 😊”

Wow that went off on a tangent….anyway I will still have a look around at the friendly well managed Facebook groups.
I see the Metal Detecting Media group is gaining numbers and well worth a look.
The XP ORX UK detecting group has just hit 1000 subs, congratulations to all involved.
XP team XP USA are going strong with fast moving content and regular contributions.
Another good way of interacting is join up with a friendly forum as this can be a good place to discuss anything, where as Facebook tends to be picture based and  very brand / topic specific.
The Gary’s detecting forum is still chugging along with the good old regulars, it’s more of a gentleman’s club rather than a full on forum, you are welcome to drop by and say HI.
Watching videos
I find myself watching YouTube videos quite a lot these days, sometimes you can be watching a video and then YouTube recommends a completely random video to watch next.
Take advantage of this and have a look, you may find a new vlogger or interesting subject.

metal detector skill school videos

XP team usa videos

XP metal detectors videos

Along with detecting video’s  I like to watch camera reviews and associated equipment.
If you watch DIY videos enter with caution, there may be no plumbers or electricians around to get you out of trouble.
I guess this may be a good time to dig out my old research projects I put to one side some years ago.
Out in the field
I will still try to get out into the field and do some detecting, and hopefully get a few video’s in the bag if restrictions are relaxed, but I think we must be realistic and be prepared for the long haul.
On a final note one important thing I will be doing is picking up the phone and stay in contact with loved ones, ask how they are doing, it may mean a lot to them, especially if they are on their own.
Thanks for reading guys and please stay safe during these crazy times.


  1. The new virus is sweeping the world. The US is dealing with the isolation, and panic buyers. Here it seems toliet paper is the hoard item. Build some display cases and, display some of the less expensive relics coins and, what ever found over the years. Plan your next hunts when all settles. Even if you never make them happen. Occupy the mind time will move faster. Talk to old friends about the hunt and, watch videos of past hunts, and adventures. Best to all we will get through this. Good day, from across the pond.


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