Homes raided after non declared metal detecting finds

Police are investigating the illegal trade of historic treasures found by metal detectorists, recently a hoard of Viking coins worth at least £500,000 have been discovered in houses.
The Ceolwulf II coins were seized in multiple raids in the north of the UK

Police, who have now handed over the haul to the British Museum, have arrested a number of people under the operation known as Fantail.
So far the items have been found in County Durham and Lancashire, although an interest in Lincolnshire has also been expressed.

Detecting thieves just slam another nail in our metal detecting coffin, many of you out there know who these criminals are, do your bit for the hobby, REPORT them to crime stoppers.
If you are at all concerned your call could be traced, reassure yourself by dialling 141 before 0800 555 111


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