Have I got the best metal detector

What is the best metal detector has to be one of the most frequently asked questions, I am a firm beiever that there is not one metal detector that will satisfy everyone, and that is possibly why many of us, my self included, choose to have 2 weapons of choice.
I guess the top runners out there are XP and Minelab, I am very fortunate because I own both metal detectors, not because I am rich, its because I know what works when and where, based on several tests and detecting experiences.
My XP Deus does a great job when hunting land with high contamination, I believe it is untouchable when working cellar holes or iron infested plots.
Looking at my finds it has been my most productive machine.

Sometimes the Deus is not itself on certain permissions, no matter what adjustments or coils I use, this is when I turn to my Minelab Equinox, this can be a game changer.
I’m not going to holla out and say one machine is better than the other, these 2 machines work together, just like 2 ingredients that go into making a fantastic brew. After all we are only interested in the end result right !

Choose your site and choose your weapon, this may lead to a more productive hunt.
Thanks in advance for sharing my letter.



  1. Whatever the chosen detector happens to be, it has to be in the hands of a competent user to get the best out of it.

    Certainly the gap is closing very fast, between the Cheaper and more expensive machines.

    Happy Hunting,



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