Gold Roman coin fetches £460.000

Once again another metal detecting find hits the headlines, this time it’s a Gold Aureus of Allectus (AD293-296) found by a detectorist in Kent.
As you can see the emperor Allectus only reigned for 3 years.
The last Allectus gold coin to be found was more than 50 years. There are only 24 aurei of Allectus known.

Little is known about Allectus his name in Latin translates simply as chosen or elected) but he was treasurer to Carausius, an officer in the Roman navy who seized power in Britain and northern Gaul in 283.
As well as being one of the world’s most expensive Roman coins, it is the most money ever paid for a coin of Allectus and it is now the most valuable Roman coin minted in Britain to have been sold at auction.


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