Garrett Apex metal detector – New technology

Compared to the AT range the Garrett Apex is marketed as an all new metal detector, but with some cutting edge new features. Will this new metal detector’s new features really be cutting edge or just new to Garrett.
Let’s start off with the the BIG news – Yes it’s multi frequency, they are calling it Multiflex technology.
You have a choice of single frequencies or simultaneous frequencies.

The advert claims no batteries, there is no wiggle room with this statment NO BATTERIES.
Will it be solar powered, possibly the first Hydrogen powered metal detector, no they are just referring to rechargable cells, so nothing exciting there.
Personally I have never been a Garrett fan, but that’s just my take, there are so many things I would love to change if given the chance, starting with it’s dated looks, weight and that uncomfortable audio tone, are times changing for the US giants.
Well the answer to that is YES, the Apex has an adjustable iron volume and audio response, plus a sweeter audio sound boasting 5 frequencies.

The interface is nice and slim with bold clear target ID numbers, there is also a USA coin menu and a European setting which has no dollars and dime graph.

So how does the Apex features stack up to the other mid price range machines?
The Nokta Simplex offers a wide range of features for a low price, the Minelab Vanquish offers multi IQ technology (whatever the hell that is), what will the Garrett Apex offer?
Will it be fast for searching those cellar holes, will it be deep for those civil war relics.
Apparently YES again, fast recovery super light all for around $450.00

The Garrett ZLynk audio module is now built into the box, there are 2 buying options, with or without ZLynk headphones.

The Garrett Apex is fitted with an all new 6 x 11 Viper coil, it has some multifrequency technology within the coil.
I guess there will be a crowd of bloggers (socialy distancing of coarse) queing up outside the Garrett factory as we speak, new best friends and al that !
If this metal detector is genuinely incorporating new technology it may be at last some real competition for the likes of Nokta Makro, XP and Minelab.
Lets wait until July 2020 when the first machines will go on sale…So far this little machine is looking good, it certainly proves Garret have listened to their customers.



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