Detexting new metal detecting show

Metal detecting media are privileged to be the first to be told about a new metal detecting video series called Detexting.
Hosted by XP’s Gary Blackwell the show will cover a variety of topics all suggested by you.

How does Detexting work

It’s all about viewer interaction, for example, the viewer texts a question over to Gary who does his best to answer or demonstrate in the field.
I asked Gary if this was strictly XP metal detecting questions, he said yes if possible, but he would consider other questions if they have a good entertainment factor.
It may be worth noting the advertised number will change on a regular basis, it will not accept calls so please dont call/text for a chat or any form of customer service – This is TEXT / SMS only, if you are lucky your reply will be in a future video. So dont forget to give your name.
There will also be metal detecting giveaways and competition announcements.

Detexting my thoughts

This sounds like Gaz has a very interesting  concept, I am sure it will be good fun along with some very handy metal detecting tips and advice. The first video will be live towards the end of March, we have been promised an early viewing link which will be posted on the XP ORX UK Detecting group and the Metal Detecting Media group.
So why not get your questions in early, I think this is going to be busy.



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