Corona virus public places

As the Corona virus has started to consume parts of Europe this distant scare story has now started to get very real we need to ask is it safe to go into public places.
I am and englishman living and working in Germany, last year our company had a booth at the IWA show in Nurnberg, for those who dont know, the IWA is a huge show it welcomes thousands of trade visitors through it’s doors every day.
This year we made our reservations well in advance, it is just about impossible to book a hotel room in the town and surrounding area’s even months in advance.
3 days ago I got an e mail from the organisers to say the show has been cancelled until further notice due to their concerns about the spread of the Corona virus.
Dear Mr Austin
Due to the new situation regarding the spread of the corona virus, NürnbergMesse has decided to postpone IWA Outdoor Classics 2020 from the planned date of 6-9 March 2020 to a date in 2020, which has yet to be determined.

I have the greatest respect for the IWA organisers for making this decission in order to help prevent the spread of this virus, it has cost my company a lot of money, but in the grand scheeme of things what is money when human lives are at risk.

I am lucky enough to have a medical professional in my family, they advised me not to panic at this stage but dont take risks and if possible avoid highly populated area’s, I asked about 2 metal detecting events our group wanted to attend later in the year Germany and the UK.
This produced a somewhat different reaction, I was advised against making advanced plans and paying deposits for holidays and public events, because in the coming months who knows what is going to happen, this virus has the potential of becoming out of control, if this happens the governments will cancel, flights, transport and public events they have the powers to put cities in lock down in order to save lives, any form of financial compensation would be a grey area.

If someone becomes is suspected of the virus they are looking at a 14 day quarantine period, not just for the person but their family and people they have been in contact with. I can’t imagine this ever happening, but on the other hand it has started to get very real, take Northern Italy as a good example.
So after a lengthy discussion our detecting group decided not attend events or rallies until we are confident this outbreak is under control, will we see the manufacturers taking the same action rather than put their employees at risk.

I have not sent this message to scare people, they are just my feelings. I would like to hear your readers thoughts on the subject, is this virus in your country already?
We need to be aware of the potential risks looming in the coming months, please be safe and be sensible.


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