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Metal detecting is a great hobby for all ages, we have all the current detector news and helpful reviews to help you choose the best metal detector.
Many great finds have been discovered by people metal detecting, cheap metal detectors are not always the best deal, professional metal detectors will be the best for finding deep coins and artefacts and are much better quality.
While out metal detecting you will learn about history, imagine finding a deep Roman coin lost by our ancestors, or even a Gold Celtic coin.
Over the years you will gain knowledge about coinage, tools, jewellery and other items people used years ago.

Metal detecting - latest Blog posts

Treasure hunting with the experts

Fellow metal detector users very often ask what is the best search coil to buy for the XP Deus. In may respects XP have not...

Garrett Apex metal detector – New technology

Compared to the AT range the Garrett Apex is marketed as an all new metal detector, but with some cutting edge new features. Will...

Metal Detector Battle | The Graveyard

When I talk with old detecting friends the subject very often ends up talking about the good old days and how we made epic...

Can a dog sniff out Hammered coins

At the start of this lockdown I set myself a challenge, and that was to see if my dog could find a Silver hammered...

Help me Youtube

Strange as it may sound but dealing with the lockdown has started become more of a way of life now, week 1 and 2...

Isolation thoughts for detectorists

This article is just a light hearted jibba jabba about self-isolation and some moves I will be taking to break the Covid-19 monotony now...

Detexting new metal detecting show

Metal detecting media are privileged to be the first to be told about a new metal detecting video series called Detexting. Hosted by XP's Gary...

Detecting in the news

Metal detecting videos

What is the best frequency to use with your metal detector, Gary talks you through some important points and offers some top tips.

XP technical talk

The XP telescopic S stem has not just been designed to look cool, it also serves a very important purpose. Watch the video to find out more !

XP technical community

The Metal Detector Skill School is a Facebook community to talk about the more technical aspects of metal detecting.