ORX metal detector from XP

The new ORX from XP metal detectors there’s been a lot of talk about where this machine sits in the market and I have to agree it’s a little bit confusing although XP state it’s aimed at the Gold market although there are a lot of people in Europe buying this machine already.

I can understand the people may want simplicity and ease of use.
As long as they understand that it’s not an XP, although it does have the 2 coin programs coin fast which replicates Deus fast and coin deep which replicates program number 6 on the Deus the Deep program there’s no performance difference between the Deus and there ORX in these two programs using the same coil but many will appreciate it’s worth having that little bit of extra flexibility with the Deus so you can find tune it to suit your hearing and your sites.
People will buy this for simplicity and it will be a good reliable little machine.
We’ve been told 2019 is going to be the year when we see some really exciting new technology from XP.

Out in the field

I found the ORX a good stable little machine with no obvious faults, the iron probability meter didn’t really do it for me but apart from that no complaints.

The new WSA headphones worked faultlessly and there was no signal delay, XP have the wireless technology sewn up, so far no other manufacturer has come close.
The ORX is slightly lighter than the Deus the functions and menu are tailor made for the detectorist who don’t like to make too many adjustments, these people will have no problems using this machine at all.

I must admit during my time spent with the ORX the only adjustment I made was to the sensitivity I could run that comfortably at 95 without any false signals.
I purchased my machine from leisure promotions


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