Minelab Equinox review

Minelab have really pushed hard with this machine, using careful choices of buzz words such as Multi IQ and initially claiming to make VLF machines obsolete.
Let’s put all this to one side and look at the facts.
I purchased my machine from Joan Allen metal detectors.
There are 2 Equinox models, the 600 and the 800, the 600 never really gathered much interest so most people opted for the 800 as the price difference was marginal.

I really enjoyed using the CTX 3030 and find it a very interactive machine, although Minelab claimed the Equinox had not been designed to better the 3030, people still refused to listen, and 3030 E Bay listings went through the roof, also new 3030 sales slumped drastically.

When the Equinox hit the showrooms the initial feedback was good, however a lot of videos and social media posts were from people who had been given free machines to test, so it took a little longer for the real reviews to filter through.

My thoughts after owning a Minelab Equinox one for 6 months

Well it’s certainly not going to make VLF’s obsolete that’s for sure, and it wont take the place of my 3030.
I found the menu very confusing, and not for the novice detectorist.
I would go so far as to say looking at this machine, it feels like it was designed by a digital engineer rather than a detectorist.

Equinox depth and the multi frequency

Personally I don’t think it is any deeper than any other top end machine.
Using the multi frequency option was the best frequency setting, I don’t think this portrays multi frequency as being better overall, I just think the single frequency options on the Equinox is noticeably poor compared to other machines.

Generally in the field I can only run a maximum sensitivity of around 15, where many others in different parts of the country could get it almost flat out.

Iron Bias and Recovery speed

The Iron Bias is only an option in multi frequency, I found when turned down I heard lots of good signals from Iron – Turn it up and you loose very low conductive targets near to Iron or at at depth, so finding the right setting level is important.
Field 1 -2 Park 1 – 2, are still a mystery, there’s no clear info out there as to what they exactly do, it would be nice to find out what the different parameter changes are.

Final thoughts

You may be reading this Minelab Equinox review and thinking this is a bad machine, this is not true, it is a perfectly good machine and fantastic on the beach.
I just feel that it cannot live up to the hype the manufacturer cloaked it in.

I personally think it should be promoted just giving the facts, dropping it from an aeroplane at Detectival was perceived by many as a bit desperate.
I feel a little deflated after using the Equinox, it has been a love hate relationship, so far I have not found a bond with it.
Comparing it to my other machines it’s different but not better, the CTX 3030 still has it if I had to make a Minelab choice.
Peter J

Reported Minelab Equinox issues

Pin pointing : Target location accuracy can be a problem.
Audio feedback :  It gives the same signal on deep or shallow targets so the user has no perception of depth, very much like the XP Deus with audio response set at 7.
Stem wobble : Some reports of poor stem locking collar action.


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