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Metal detecting is a great hobby for all ages, we have all the current detector news and helpful reviews to help you choose the best metal detector.
Many great finds have been discovered by people metal detecting, cheap metal detectors are not always the best deal, professional metal detectors will be the best for finding deep coins and artefacts and are much better quality.
While out metal detecting you will learn about history, imagine finding a deep Roman coin lost by our ancestors, or even a Gold Celtic coin.
Over the years you will gain knowledge about coinage, tools, jewellery and other items people used years ago.

Metal detecting - latest Blog posts

Minelab CTX 3030 still a good choice

The Minelab 3030 has been out for a while now, many think it has been put to bed after the release of the Equinox. Personally...

Metal detecting saved my life

Respected member of the XP team USA group Tim Glick openly admits that metal detecting saved his life. Tim has been using the XP Deus...

Garys XP Deus Sonar program

Mr B from XP metal detectors has done it again with another new Deus program. The new Sonar program takes the XP Deus up a...

ORX metal detector from XP

The new ORX from XP metal detectors there's been a lot of talk about where this machine sits in the market and I have...

So you think you are a good detectorist

We see a lot of nice metal detecting finds on social media, very often the finders are branded as a "GOOD" detectorist "Guru's" if...

XP step up their game

Recently XP announced that the  existing stock coils will be superseded by the new X35 coils. Why have they done this you may ask? Ever changing...

Minelab Equinox review

Minelab have really pushed hard with this machine, using careful choices of buzz words such as Multi IQ and initially claiming to make VLF...

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